I Dare...

This website was created as a way to introduce our family to the world and showcase our accomplishments. Also, it will act as a portal to easily facilitate the sharing of family photographs, ancestory and other memorabillia.

So without further ado, I am proud to introduce Gail, Gordon, Kim and Amanda.

Welcome to the family.

Who are we?

I Dare!

The Official Story Behind the Name

Dalziel, Dalzell or Dalyell, pronounced Dee-ELL, is a Scottish Lowland surname. One popular belief regarding the name's origin, is that the name derives from the Gaelic Dail-gheal, thought to translate as "white (or bright) dale".


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Others say it was brought to Scotland by French migrants.

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Aussification and Removal of the Fancy

Except our ancestors bastardised the name when they came to Australia, removing all the pomp and flair, supposedly to make it sound more Aussie, now pronouced Dal-ZEAL.


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Then it was shortened even further to just Mr & Mrs D. because local children could not pronouce "Dalziel".

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Then there's that show on the BBC...

Dalziel and Pascoe

"Super Intendant Dalziel and partner Dectective Inspector Pascoe investigate murders, and find a bond forming between them despite their blatantly differing personalities."

The TV show, "Dalziel & Pascoe" has been on air since 16th March 1996.

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