The Estate

The former barony of Dalzell in Lanarkshire, was located in the area now occupied by Motherwell. The Dalzell lands were forfeited later in the 14th century, but regained through marriage in the 15th, but then sold to the Hamiltons of Orbiston in 1645.

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First record

One of the earliest recorded references of the name Dalzell is in 1259 regarding one Thomas de Dalzell who is said to be recorded as having fought at the legendary battle of Bannockburn.

He is also alledgedly in the Ragman's Roll (the rolls of deeds on parchment in which the Scottish nobility and gentry subscribed allegiance to Edward I. of England, 1296 AD) Thomas de Dalzell is mentioned, but not surprisingly perhaps, someone also reports that Thomas swapped sides to fight with Bruce at Bannockburn.