Part One – Setup KDP

Create a free Payoneer Bank Account

Income paid in USD, Euros, British Pounds, etc is deposited into accounts located in those countries. Fees are incurred during currency transfers, they’ll take a little bit on top of the exchange rate. Use our referral link to maybe earn us both a bit extra. You’ll need a scanned image of a photo ID and it’s ID number

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License

Wait patiently for Payoneer to authenticate you are who you say you are, which may take a day or two, or it may only take a few hours. Which is why we do this first, because then we can enter our newly created bank account details into Kindle Direct Publishing.

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Basic Amazon Account

To get started with KDP or an author page or anything, you’ll need an Amazon account. This is the regular, boring, normal account you might use to purchase kindle books or other stuff from Amazon.

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Kindle Direct Publishing

There are few necessary steps before you can create a Kindle or Print-on-Demand versions of your book. Your Amazon account isn’t inherently a KDP account, you’ll be asked to link them. As an Aussie, to set up KDP:

  • Australian tax file number
  • Australian bank account details
    • BSB (or routing number)
    • Account #
    • Bank SWIFT code (or BIC)

Adding a single bank account is fine to get KDP up and running. But later, once Payoneer has authenticated, you can enter into different accounts that handle different currencies to handle different marketplaces in different countries.

What happened to CreateSpace?

A press release from Amazon on 28th August 2018: “We’re excited to announce that CreateSpace is combining with Kindle Direct publishing (KDP), making KDP the single place to publish your print and digital books.”

Basically, CreateSpace is no more, done, over. Any books created on CreateSpace have been moved to KDP.

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Amazon Author Page

Once you have a book on Amazon, and only after you have a book on Amazon, can set up your Author page and link all your books together. If all you want for a website is the one Amazon provides, that’s fair enough. It’s pretty good. You can even set up a domain name or subdomain (that you may have to purchase) to point to it to make it easier to get to and remember.

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