Step Seven – Social Media

Sharing is Caring


  • Groups
  • Pages


  • Donald Trump


  • Photos



  • Images linked back to pages

If you are keen, you should write social media posts about your blogs posts on each of these platforms.

But because I’m lazy, and I like to automate things, I automate.


This can run monitors to check your website for new posts.

When it finds a new post, it can pull the url, excerpt and featured image from the post and combine them into various social media posts that can be sent to Buffer!


This online services accepts your future social media posts via API calls and holds on to them in “buffer queues” until times that you specify for those queues to be posted to their various social media.

In other words: social media automagic!

Make it prettier to Share your posts

There is also a thing called the OpenGraph protocol. And what it does is specify the title, description (excerpt) and featured image for each of your website pages and posts to make it easier to be shared on social media.

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