Step Six – Google & Bing

Why do you need Google?

Because I said so. What a great excuse. To be honest, Google has garnered themselves quite the monopoly. Although you should also submit your site to Bing. But in reality 97% of people use Google. It so popular it has become a verb.

  • requests that you reference your “sitemap.xml” in your “robots.txt” and will do it’s own scraping.
  • Yahoo is owned by Microsoft now which means submitting to Bing.

What is a sitemap and are where are the robots?

The internet is scraped by robots. Little programs that visit your website, and the websites linked to your websites and random IP addresses, etc, etc. You can see these robots in the server logs and even tell them to go away. Except often you actually want them to index your website so regular people can find it when they search for it.

To help those robots, you can give them a sitemap. Which is exactly what it sounds like. A map to your site. Where everything is. What’s important. When were pages last updated. What’s your mother’s maiden name… kidding.

This is all part of a massive industry called SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Spelt with a z because America invented the Internet (apparently). Increasing rankings is big business and all the free WordPress plugins are terrible and demand you upgrade with an overbearing number of flashing neon buttons. There’s so many plugins out there: Yoast is the most downloaded. Does that make it better?


A new Google user had to be created. To avoid creating another gmail account, click the option: “Use my current email address instead”

  • To avoid creating another gmail account, click the option: “Use my current email address instead”

Do this now…

Google Search Console

To have regular people search Google for your author page, you need to actually tell Google.

  • You also need to submit “robots.txt” and “sitemap.xml” from your website. If they’re not automatically generated by WordPress, you have to create them.

Do this now…

Google Analytics vs StatCounter

Good to find out vaguely who and how many people are visiting the author page.

  • You’ll need the API key they give you to copy/paste into WordPress.
  • You can also link Google Analytics up with Google Search Console to monitor how stuff is going.
  • There’s no identifying information.

Do this now…

Google Cloud Console

Verify you own your own domain and create API keys to access Google Maps on your website.

  • To include maps in your WordPress, you’ll need to enable that API
  • After joining, you’ll need to create a project
  • Enable the javascript API
  • Create credentials
  • Copy/paste the API key into WordPress (once we’ve set that up)

Do this now…

Bing Webmaster Tools

You should submit your Author Page to Microsoft’s Bing search Engine. It’s not essential.

  • To use the webmaster tools, you’ll need to sign up.
    • Don’t create a new email account, use an existing email address. I hate hotmail.
  • Verify you own the domain
    • You’ll need to either:
      • Upload a file to the website main directory (Document Root) – Easiest
      • Add a CNAME record to the DNS records
      • Copy/paste a <meta> tag to your site. Not as simple as it sounds for WordPress.
  • Submit your “sitemap,xml”

Do this now…

Structured Data

Your website should contain invisible meta tags that tell Google (and other services) information about your website for things called “Rich Snippets”

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