Step Two – Fetch Your Credit Card

Spend Wisely…

Although you can get away without spending any money on an author webpage. I highly recommend you do. But spend wisely…

As was explained in the previous step, there are three things you need for an Author page:

  • Web Hosting – Somewhere to put your author page.
  • Domain Name – Something people type into the address bar of their browser to see your author page.
  • Email Address – You probably already have one of these, people are going to want to say “hi” somehow.

Writers of the Far South Coast

By joining the WFSC for $40/yr we can provide you with an author page.

If you’re already a member of the WFSC, we can provide

  • Hosting
  • Subdomain
  • Email forwarding
    • Any email will be forwarded on to the email address you’ve told us

Do this now…


$40+ for 2 years

If you’d like to go more upmarket, you should get what I call a “vanity domain”.

You’ll likely get an amazing discount on your first purchase, make sure you’re aware of what it will cost you to renew the domain.

  • Your own domain name will always cost you money
  • It will always come up for renewal every two years
  • You’ll always be buying from a reseller, I recommend GoDaddy
  • You can make your domain name point to wherever your website is hosted
    • This uses a Domain Name Server or DNS (like the yellow pages)
  • Set up email forwarding or mailboxes for your vanity email addresses
    • GoDaddy provide email forwarding for free.
    • Make sure you set up a “catch-all” email address.
    • Don’t purchase email accounts from GoDaddy

Do this now…

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Web Hosting

$15 – $20 USD a month

AWS is the service that is used by the Writers of the Far South Coast to host their website.

  • If you ask the WFSC, we’ll host your Author page for free
  • Only use your own AWS server if you know at least 3 programming languages
  • Otherwise, GoDaddy can provide hosting as another of their services.
  • Nearly all hosting services are being bought up by MelbourneIT
  • Avoid the little guys, although they need your patronage, their servers usually have more trouble

Do this now…


In terms of Webhosting without thinking about too much nerd stuff, I hear good things about bluehost.

They’re pretty cheap.

Do this now….

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